Theme Installer

After unzipping your theme package, if you see an file named as “installer.php”  then the installation procedure below is for you. 

In order to use the Theme Installer, you need to have the following two skills at least. If you do not know any of them, please contact us for help.

  1. Create a new SQL database
  2. Upload files to your web host

Theme Installation Procedure

  1. After downloading the theme package from The Theme Club, please unzip it. You should now see two files. One is a zip file with a very long name and the other one is “installer.php”.
  2. Upload these two files to your web host. Please note that it is not necessary to unzip the “long-name” zip file.
  3. Create a new SQL database. Write down the database file name, database user name and the password which are needed in the next step.
  4. Type “” to run the theme installer. Or “” if you uploaded the files to a folder instead of the web root directory.
  5. Fill in the database info required -> check “I have read all notices and warnings” – > click on the “Run Deployment” button to start the installation. Don’t change the value of ” Host” unless you really know what it is. This process will take one to five minutes depending on the size of the theme pacakage.theme-installer-screen-1
  6. In this step, you may want to give a new name to “Title” and MUST click on “New Admin Account” to create a new administrator account. Click “Run Update“. This step will only take few seconds. If you forgot to create a new admin account, contact us for help!theme-installer-screen-2
  7. Before doing anything of the following screen, start a new browser tab first and type” to log into the Admin Panel of your website. When you see the admin panel,  click “Users” from the vertical menu bar on the left and delete all the users except the admin account you created earlier. Now you can execute the tasks on the following screen.theme-installer-screen-3
  8. You have finished the installation procedure.