Professional Wordpress Themes

The Theme Club concentrates on the Professional Wordpress Theme Design. All our themes are designed to be simple and user-friendly but yet not losing their professionalism.

We created many different styles of templates for Wordpress sites, all of them are designed to suit different types of industry or business.

Our WP themes are highly configurable, with our easy-to-use option page, you can change the theme appearance easily even though you do not have any theme coding knowledge.

In addition to WordPress Themes, The Theme Club also sells graphic templates that can be used to beautify your themes and make them look more professional.

  • Simple Wordpress Theme - Layout 1

    Simple Wordpress Theme - Layout 1

  • Simple Wordpress Theme - Layout 2

    Simple Wordpress Theme - Layout 2

  • Professional Wordpress Theme

    Professional Wordpress Theme

What is WordPress?
Initially, Wordpress was just a blogging system but it has been now evolving to a comprehensive content-management-system. Although Wordpress is a free tool, it is so powerful and user-friendly that you can use it to develop any personal or professional  websites. According to, WordPress is used by 20.6% of all ...
What Are WordPress Themes?
Themes allow you to change the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website easily. One of the Wordpress beauties is that switching themes does not  alter the information content or structure of your site because themes are just an independent component. Installing and switching themes are very easily. It can be ...
What is WordPress Hosting?
WordPress hosting is just a marketing gimmic used to draw the attention of WordPress site owners as the vast majority of web hosts that support PHP scripting meet the WordPress minimum requirements. So searching a web host provider from the Internet for your Wordpress site is not difficult at all, your ...
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